Welcome to GSH Logistics: Your Trusted Container Storage Yard

GSH Logistics is an esteemed and industry-leading asset-based trucking, drayage, and external storage facility strategically situated just 30 minutes away from the bustling Baltimore Port Authority in Maryland. With our exceptional location, we are perfectly positioned to provide comprehensive support to the distribution and manufacturing community spanning Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, parts of Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Comprehensive Container Storage Solutions

At GSH Logistics, we understand the importance of reliable and secure container storage. Whether you require long-term or short-term storage solutions, our state-of-the-art container yard is fully equipped to cater to your specific needs. We prioritize the safekeeping and accessibility of your valuable containers, offering you peace of mind while ensuring seamless operations for your business.

Unmatched Proximity to Baltimore Port Authority

Our unrivaled proximity to the esteemed Baltimore Port Authority positions GSH Logistics as a premier choice for container storage in the region. By choosing our services, you benefit from streamlined logistics and reduced transportation costs, optimizing your supply chain operations. Our strategic location allows us to serve as a central hub for the distribution and manufacturing industries, making us the preferred partner for businesses operating in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Unparalleled Security Measures

At GSH Logistics, the security of your assets is our utmost priority. Our container storage yard is fortified with a comprehensive security system, ensuring the protection of your containers at all times. Our premises are monitored by advanced surveillance cameras and are illuminated with bright lights 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With our robust security measures in place, you can trust that your containers are safeguarded from unauthorized access, theft, and other potential risks.


Our strategic location just 30 minutes away from Baltimore Port Authority enables efficient transportation and logistics for your

Extensive Coverage

We cater to the distribution and manufacturing community across Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


Whether you require long-term or short-term container storage solutions, we offer flexible options tailored to your specific needs.


With years of experience in the logistics industry, our dedicated team possesses the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional container storage services.

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Are you in need of reliable and secure container storage solutions? Look no further than GSH Logistics. Take advantage of our prime location, comprehensive security measures, and unmatched expertise to streamline your supply chain operations. To learn more about our services or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our friendly team today. We look forward to partnering with you and supporting your business success.

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